A positive ending to the week after another setback

Last week started with another setback. Tuesday I got informed that my mixed doubles partner Samantha had broken her foot during a workout. It will take 4 to 6 weeks for her to recover. An injury is always very unpleasant but in this case it’s most inconvenient with 5 big tournaments ahead of us all scheduled in the next 6 weeks. We have already been withdrawn from the Dutch Open, the Danish and French Open, the Bitburger and the Scottish Open. The coming 2 months we won’t be able to play tournaments together which means that we will fall back on the world ranking and lose our 25th position which granted us direct access to the Super Serie tournaments. Let’s hope that Samantha will have a successful rehabilitation period allowing her to make a good comeback.

Fortunately there is also positive news. Last weekend we had to play 2 matches in the German Premier League: an away match versus Berlin and a home match versus Rosenheim. We left for the German Capital on Friday because we wanted to prepare ourselves optimally for this encounter with the league winner of the past years.
The two doubles were won but both men’s singles were lost. Than Judith Meulendijks scored our third point by winning her single in 2 games. The mixed double and last match was also won and with a 2-4 victory and 2 points we could start our journey back to Mülheim. A top performance!

On Sunday we met Rosenheim in our own hall in Mülheim. We started with the two doubles.The ladies double was won rather easily but our men’s double was tough. I was still bothered by the effects of the long car journey to and from Berlin but after about an hour we decided the third game in our favour putting the score on a 2-0 lead. Subsequently all 3 single matches were also won by our team and thus we could include another 2 points on the list. As Johanna got slightly injured the day before and was still bothered by it we decided to give up the mixed doubles and accept a 5-1 final score. 4 points in two encounters and even nicer: a number one position on the ranking!! Every match again it is great fun to play with and for this team and no doubt our team spirit is one of the most important ingredients for this success. Let’s hope that we can keep this good playing and that we will make a great season!

For those who can read German: you’ll find a report on the 2 matches at the following link:


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