Another farewell

Last Sunday I played, much to my regret, my last match for 1. BV Mülheim. In the décor of the Yonex German Open, which is played this week in the RWE Hall in Mülheim and where I participated myself last year, I was eager to score the first point for my club. Together with Marcus Ellis, who was also playing his last match, I did what I had planned to do: winning.

During the past four years Marcus and I have taken the majority of the men’s doubles for our account and we were a very good pair. It’s a pity that this is history now. All these years the first team of BVM was a close and well attuned group both during matches but also beyond. I like to thank my teammates, among whom also Judith Meulendijks who left the team earlier this season and our coach Boris Reichel, for a wonderful and memorable time.
Last but not least I want to thank all volunteers and fans of 1.BVM who have supported and assisted the team as well as myself personally during the past 4 years. 1.BV Mülheim is a fantastic club!!

As I very much like to continue playing badminton I sincerely hope I will be able to find a new club to which I can devote myself again. I keep you posted.

Afscheid BVM 280216 03
Afscheid BVM 280216 11

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