The end of a super season

My first year in the German Premier League is done. In the semi finals last Saturday my team 1. BV Mülheim lost against Bischmisheim in Saarbrücken. A nice third place.

Prior to this season I was already looking forward to my German adventure. A new league, a new club, a team with many different nationalities but above all much better matches. It was only the second season that Mülheim was active in the Premier League and their target was a fourth place which would be very good. At the “winterbreak” however we had not yet lost a single encounter and were second in ranking. Then we started to realise that we could compete for the playoffs. Until the very last match day it remained thrilling exciting. One club, Berlin, was certainly first and definite finalist but 3 other clubs, Bischmisheim, Mülheim and Lüdinghausen could still qualify for the other 2 spots in the playoffs.

Our last match in the regular league was in and against Saarbrücken Bischmisheim. We needed at least one point to secure the playoffs. That’s what we believed. It became a drama. Everyone played far below his or her usual level and our opponents played at their very best. We were trounced and at 4-0 we thought it was all over. When the team manager of Bischmisheim approached us to discuss the date of the playoff match we were really stunned. Did we really make it??? Yes, indeed. Lüdinghausen had won from already demoted Gifhorn by 4-2 and so we had a better set average. Playoff time!!!

This match was scheduled last Saturday but we already hit the road on Friday afternoon as we wanted to prepare ourselves as good as possible for this match. After a good night’s sleep and a workout session at the “Olympia Stutzpunkt” (the German Olympic training centre) we were ready for the battle.

In the first match Marcus Ellis and I were meeting Fuchs and Schöttler and at first we didn’t play very well. At the interval we were facing a 11-6 arrear. After some good tips from our coach we could grow into the game and we managed to win that one by 21-17. On the other court our ladies double won their first game and it looked not too bad at all. In our second game we were well matched till the score of 15-15 but then all of a sudden our opponents scored a number of consecutive points and they won by 16-21. Our ladies lost their second game as well. In the third game we unfortunately couldn’t take a stand anymore. The opponents played as solidly and well like Germans are able to play. After 1 hour and 15 minutes we had to admit our defeat. But our ladies won their match. So a 1-1 score.

In the men’s singles Bischmisheim has two strong players. Zavadsky, our first man, got a leg injury at last week’s Finish Open and he wasn’t entirely fit to play. He was meeting Dieter Domke who was playing very well and who gave Bischmisheim the lead. Alexander Roovers, our second man, had the difficult task to try and defeat Schmidt. In the first game he played excellent but the difference in traininghours (elite player versus club player) made the difference in this match: 3-1 for Bischmisheim.

Judith Meulendijks managed to win the first game from Olga Konon but in the second and third game this German lady was stronger and she secured the victory of Bischmisheim. Even the final mixed double was won by Bischmisheim but both games were exciting and thrilling.

So the fight for the Championship will be between Berlin and Bischmisheim and no doubt it is going to be a fantastic fight. I myself am particularly pleased with the course of last season. I have been able to play many good matches and I enjoyed every single match very much. As a team we have only lost two out of the eighteen regular matches and that’s why I believe that we have performed very well. I want to thank everyone of 1. BV Mülheim for a top season. Management, sponsors, coaches and supporters and all my team mates because without you it wouldn’t have been that great!

Vielen Dank! Many thanks!

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