A smart draw against Bonn Beuel!

Yesterday it was already the fourth round in the Bundesliga and we didn’t have to travel.  A home match against Beuel from Bonn. This team has strong players in their ranks such as Zwiebler, Kindervater, Michels and Olver. Luckily we were able to grab a point because the final score was 3-3.

In the men’s doubles Marcus and I played against the Olympian Ingo Kindervater and Andreas Heinz. After a rather harsh start we finally fought ourselves back in the game which we won. In the second game we lost quite some points in the beginning but we managed to take a small lead at the mid-game interval. After that we first increased our lead but than Ingo and Andreas scored a series of points which brought them close to us. Just in time we got focussed again and won the second game as well.

The ladies doubles was a very good match. Unfortunately our girls Judith and Johanna were just a fraction short against Birgit Michels and Heather Olver. In the third game Bonn took the lead which they kept till the end.

We knew in advance that both men’s singles would be tough. With European Champion Marc Zwiebler in your team you can more or less count on at least one win. Marc did what he was expected to do, beating Zavadsky, our first man. In their encounter at the Olympics Marc needed three games but yesterday he never really was in danger. “Dima” lost in two games but he certainly played an excellent match.

Also the second men’s singles player from Beuel, the Indonesian Tedjono, is strong. Alexander Roovers played very well but Tedjono is just a bit faster and more “explosive” and he knew very well how to exploit that. He won the match in two games.

For the second time this season Judith didn’t have to play her ladies singles match. Beuel had no opponent for her so we got this point as a gift. Good for us of course but I don’t hope this will happen more often because it is not really professional.

In the last match, the mixed doubles, Marcus and Johanna played their best match so far. They beated the former European Youth Champions Zwiebler and Michels in two games conjuring up a draw. Of course we were very happy with this result.

Now it lasts three weeks before the next encounters in the Bundesliga will take place. This week we start with the first tournament of the season, the Belgian International. After all hard work of last summer it feels good to be able to compete again with the others in the European circuit. For information on this tournament you may click here http://www.belgian-international.be This site also has a surprise when you look at the top banner.

You may think that I have enjoyed the beautiful weather this Sunday but then you are wrong. I spent the day with two exams and a practical part of the trainers course. I hope I did well.

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