Selected for the European Championships

This afternoon at Papendal the selection was announced which will participate in the¬†2012 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships.¬†The coach of the Dutch Badminton Association, Gerben Bruijstens, said that I and 9 other guys have been selected. I am very pleased and even more because 2 years ago in Poland I was not allowed to participate. At that time I still had a sponsoring contract with Carlton and the Dutch Association had just entered into a contract with Yonex. Consequently only players who could play with equipment from Yonex were sent to Warsaw. It was the biggest disappointment in my entire top sport career!

Fortunately this period lies behind us and we can now start focusing on this great tournament which will be held from 14 Р19 February in Amsterdam, my birth place. The other men in the team are:

Eric Pang, Dicky Palyama, Jordy Hilbink, Nick Fransman, Koen Ridder, Ruud Bosch, Dave Khodabux, Jacco Arends en Jelle Maas.

For the women’s team are selected:

Yao Jie, Judith Meulendijks, Patty Stolzenbach, Josephine Wentholt, Lotte Jonathans, Paulien van Dooremalen, Selena Piek, Iris Tabeling, Samantha Barning en Ilse Vaessen.

Eric, Dicky, Jie and Judith, who have no contract with the Dutch Association, have got a week to decide if they will accept the invitation. For the sake of Dutch Badminton I naturally hope  they will.

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