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(23 oktober 2015)

Memberships of sport associations are becoming less and less popular nowadays. Unfortunately all the racketsports (Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis and Squash) are suffering from a decrease in memberships in the Netherlands. Even a well-known sport as tennis has to deal with a decrease of 3000 members. Not to mention the numbers of badminton, table tennis and squash! A week ago I wrote an article about how to make badminton more popular and this week I found one of the answers.

To promote at least two of these troubled sports, badminton and table tennis, the city of Amsterdam organised the so called Racketdriedaagse. A 3 day promotion to introduce these games to children in the age group 6-12. Over 50 children got the chance to find out if they would like to join a club. A very smart move was to invite their parents during the last few hours of day 3, because they are the ones who would have to pay for the memberships of their children. So to enthuse them was part of the plan. It worked out very well and it looks like both table tennis and badminton will get some new future talents on board! Mission accomplished!

Badminton promotion

(15 oktober 2015)

It is a fact that school-aged youngsters excersise less and less. With all the distractions of today it is not cool enough anymore to do sports, not to mention to join a sports club. Our badminton sport has also suffered severely from this trend. There are too few talented young players flowing to the senior levels and for years there has been a decrease in the number of players who are, via their club, member of the National Badminton Association. To bring this decline to a halt and reverse to a gain is a major challenge. A membership increase can only be achieved by means of a large number of youngsters joining badminton clubs and become sustaining members of the Association. Youngsters who have experienced that badminton is a fun sport and who can be enthused to get better at the sport through proper training and coaching. Schools are the ideal source to get youngsters enthusiastic about a sport provided they are willing and able to pay extra attention to it.

Currently I am promoting badminton at schools. Through short promotional lessons I try to enthuse children in secondary education for the badminton sport and make them attend after-school badminton classes offered at their school. The ultimate goal is to have them join a badminton club in their neighborhood at the end of the school year. Good for our sport because there may be talents among these young guys and girls. Good for the schools as well as a child with an healthy and vital body will learn and perform better. A Win-Win situation!