Looking back on German, All England and Swiss Open

A series of 3 consecutive tournaments has come to an end and with varying results. I am not satisfied and in the period to come we’ll have to perform better.

The German Open in my “home port” Mülheim was, much to my regret, a short tournament. We played a short match against a Danish pair. It was a close match but at decisive moments we failed to score. It was unfortunate, no result but afterwards we had an extensive and analyzing discussion which was a firm basis for the next 2 events and that obviously was worth a lot.

The next event was last weeks Yonex All England in Birmingham. The oldest badminton tournament in the world, the Wimbledon of the Badminton Sport. I get there quite a number of years now and every year again it’s a privilege to be there and compete. The organization, the entourage, the lively business center around the arena and the superbly renovated Barclaycard Arena itself make it very special.
In the first round we met an American pair which is in the top 30 and plays many tournaments in both North and South America. A straight 2 game victory put us in the second round where we were confronted with the Danes Fischer and Pedersen. We played them twice before, a few weeks ago at the European Championships for teams and last year in April at the individual European Championships. On both occasions we lost and also this time we couldn’t win. Still we are getting closer and from a tactical point of view we could learn a lot from this match because in spite of their second place on the world ranking also the Danes have some weak spots. Especially in the second game we managed to win a number of good rallies.

Finally the Swiss Open in Basel. A Grand Prix Gold tournament just like the German Open. In the first round we met the German pair Schwenger and Nelte who were seeded eighth in this tournament. We have played them twice before and the head to head score is 1-1. We make a bad start in the first game, very little rhythm in the short rallies but a good fighting spirit. Still we lose the first game. With a small tactical adjustment and our fighting spirit we manage to control the game better and win it. The third game is exciting and we stay close together till 15-15. And here the match really begins. A few well played rallies, a bit of luck on our side and we score a series of consecutive points which bring us the win. A nice, hard-fought victory with a good fighting spirit.

In the second round we were facing a French pair. A similar scenario as the day before. A bad start and a loss in the first game, a win in the second game and better playing. At the interval in the third game we have a lead and from that moment on things start to go wrong. We lose control and we give away the 3 points lead. Our opponents seem to get “wings”. They control the last rallies of the match while we are too passive. We lose and we are very disappointed, which is an understatement. This really was an unnecessary loss and that shouldn’t happen. From the bottom of my heart I state that we shall do everything possible to make that this won’t happen again.

Last Saturday I gave a clinic together with Gayle Mahulette to a group of very enthousiastic youngsters. It was a great session and the kids loved it. If you are interested in having a badmintonclinic aswell? Just go to the page ‘’clinic’’ on my website and get in touch


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