Back on track

Monday was the day. A wonderful holiday came to an end and a new training season at Papendal started. And that was OK because 2½ weeks without badminton was necessary but also enough. I had started to miss the daily routine.

The next four weeks are dedicated to the World Championships from 8 to 14 August in London. Along with Dave I have qualified for this prestigious tournament where the best players of the world meet. This year it is even more special as the venue will be the same as for the Olympic Games next year.

This first week was one of trial and error. At the end of the first day after a 2½ week break you feel about every muscle in your body and then you have 4 more days to go. Not a very pleasant prospect at that moment. The first few days the exercises were primarily aimed at restoring confidence in our strokes and the moving around on court. Apart from that my general condition needed some attention. I had to get rid of the gyros and souvlaki surplus as soon as possible so, after a long time, we went to run together Tuesday afternoon. I had almost forgotten that the running track at Papendal is blue. It was excellent to actually run away the pain in my muscles after the previous training sessions.

The trainings on Wednesday and Thursday I liked best. The focus was on racket skills, two against two exercises and even on certain match strategies. On Friday morning, not quite unexpectedly, the well known man with the hammer came along and I was relieved when the clock hit noon.

This weekend I use to recover in order to get ready for the training sessions of next week and hopefully for making big steps forward.

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