Most dreams are a delusion…but not this one!

To fit up my room at Papendal and to get some inspiration I have a few posters on the walls. I have Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach on the door of my wardrobe, all Olympic medal winners can be found hanging on the wall and Lee Yong Dae and Jung Jae Sung above my bed. When I looked briefly at the draw for the German Open Grand Prix Gold I thought in a split second that I was dreaming. I squeezed myself into my right arm. Ouch! Not a dream, but hard reality! Upcoming week, these two top Koreans on the wall above my bed will be our opponents!

Not exactly a good draw, as one month ago these numbers 3 of the world, won the super-strong Super Series Premier of Korea. Nevertheless I am still very excited. I think I have watched 200 different videos of these men on Youtube and it’s always a pleasure to watch them. I also trained with them last year when I was at a training camp in Korea. That was really informative and one of the best badminton memories for me so far! I ask myself especially how Dave and I are going to cope with their strong defence because believe me….every shuttle comes back and very fast! I also look forward to that great drop shot appearance of Jung, which I try to copy every training again. I’m still looking for a way to get the shuttle over the net with that sort of precision.

The schedule of the main tournament is not yet known, but I expect to play on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Paulien and I are on the waiting list in this super strong tournament because we both don’t have a mixed ranking anymore. That’s very unfortunate, but maybe there will be some withdrawals and will we be able to play after all.

Of course I will write a report later this week about the match against the Koreans.

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  1. Lieffie schreef:

    I just love your passion for badminton! Fingers crossed for the best possible match on Wednesday:-)

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