Russia too strong

Thursday evening we reached the quarterfinals by beating Switzerland in again a thrilling match: 3-2

The last match, the ladies doubles, brought us the winning point. Before this match, we had lost both single matches and we won the mixed and men’s doubles. Our girls had a tough time especially in the second game but they managed to win it with the score of 22-20.

Yesterday evening the quarterfinals were scheduled. Denmark – Poland, England – Bulgaria, Germany – France and Netherlands – Russia. When the draw was published I was a bit surprised about the team of Russia because they did not play with their best possible team. There were chances in mixed and men’s doubles and than we had to score another point somewhere. Unfortunately it did not come that far. Ruud and Lotte started really well, were leading 18-13 but did not manage to finish: 19-21. In the second game the Russians were simply better and we lost that game with bigger score: 0-1. Now it was clear that we hardly could not win this match because the single matches were coming up and their single players are very strong.

Rune fought very hard in the first game against Pukhov and gave him a tough time. He almost managed to win the first game but in the end it was the Russian who took home the game with 20-22. In the second game Pukhov was the better player and the 0-2 was on the scoreboard.

Patty played against Ella Diehl. In the first game she did not play well and lost the game quite fast. In the second game Patty managed to play much better and took a lead of 5 points. Unfortunately Ella started to make a comeback and she decided the match and the entire interland in the favour of Russia: 0-3. The Netherlands was beaten!

Of course we knew we could loose this match against Russia, but still it is disappointing and a shame that we are out of the competition now. But to be honest Russia has got a better team at the moment and because of that we can be proud of the fact we came into the quarterfinals and about our fighting spirit through out the entire week. I enjoyed it to score the final point against Lithuania and I am looking forward to the next tournament!

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