Where is it leading to?

Last Saturday I was present at the annual meeting of the Dutch Badminton Association in my capacity of chairman of the players council. I witnessed the process which finally ended with a newly elected chairman of the Association and with the resignation of the entire board in response to this election. If we as top players shall be happy with this development is a question which cannot be answered now. In any case there will be a stagnation in the implementation of policies that had already started and it will lead to uncertainty. This is not good in a period that must be fought for one or more Olympic qualifications. After all, that it is also a way of raising funds from NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Com.) which we lost when we did not qualify for the Beijing Games.

I was surprised that there was hardly any input of the 23 voting delegates. Especially those who had been very active lately with making comments on several internet forums were deafening silent. Unless……all the criticism that was expressed in their name came from others who were misusing their name. Just like my name was (mis)used on June 25th to comment on a story by Ted van der Meer on Badmintonline. Of course it is possible that there is another Jorrit who wants to make himself heard but in any case it was not me thanking Ted van der Meer for the positive news. I never have responded and will never respond on whatever site except my own. Of course I have congratulated Ted during the meeting and also on Twitter but as far as I am concerned there is nothing to thank Ted for yet. I hope this will be different shortly. Meanwhile I wish him success and above all wisdom. 

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