Jorrit de Ruiter

currently I am in: Haarlem, the Netherlands

About me

The life of an athlete is one big schedule in which planning is an essential element. For years I have combined my life at topsort centre Papendal with studying Commercial Sports Economy at the Johan Cruyff University in Amsterdam. Now that I graduated in the summer of 2011, I am officially bachelor in Sports Marketing. This is the field in which I would like work in in the future. For now, I am focussing on my badminton career, but it may very well be that I will pick up an additional studies or a cours in the near future as it's very important to always continue to develop yourself.

You can learn more about my childhood and the start of my passion for badminton when reading my biography. Of course you can also find more information about me in my profile (especially my style, etc). You may also be interested in my results so far and you can view a load of photos and videos.